July 29, 2023

Rippa with Thunder and Lightening

It was a great barefoot Rippa day at Takapuna Rugby Club beside the Netball courts. On the bus I was sitting at the back with my best friends. We were excited to play as Italy on the day. I used to play Rippa when I was a lot younger.

There was one hour until our first Rippa game. My dad was the coach and we all put our bags under the Stanley Bay tent. Our first game was pretty tough because it was us against Devonport Primary. They were really good and we got smashed. After that game the wind blew over our tent we got our bags and moved to a ginormous tree.

We won our second game because we had everyone passing to Toby and he scored lots of tries. On our next game we tied against a very hard team. We played very very well and dodged a lot of people.

Our last match was really hard to play because it was pouring down with rain, but it was really fun to play in the rain. I scored two tries. I was surprised because it was the hardest team we played that day. We were so cold and wet that I was shivering for the rest of the day.

Flynn Biddles Year 4