Give the easiest gift ever to Stanley Bay School.

Every year, we spend thousands on cricket, rugby, netball, soccer and basketball balls, computers, library books and musical instruments. We want to offer our students the best. It all costs money, and it is hard for us to continue to ask.

This is why Stanley Bay School has partnered with TaxGiftTaxGift will integrate with myKindo, an easy way to donate the tax credit on your donations by simply ticking a box, amplifying the power of your gift by up to 43% at no cost to you.

Let’s take a moment to think about the below diagram: for every $400 dollars you donate to us, the School will receive another $133.33 at the end of the first year. This $133.33 is considered a further gift of money meaning that $44.44 is claimable the following year and so on. After four years, your $400 donation could be worth up to $597 (excluding the small fee we pay to TaxGift for this service). Imagine the great things that the school could do with that extra gift!

It takes less than a minute to opt in to TaxGift  via myKindo for your donations in this tax year and going forward. The next time that you donate via myKindo, simply select the TaxGift option when you’re asked if you’d like to donate your tax credit: it’s that simple. TaxGift will then work with Kindo and the Inland Revenue to claim the relevant donation tax credit and pass it to us as an extra gift in your name.

And there is another way that you can help even further: If you haven’t claimed your donation tax credits on your gifts to us in the last four years, you can gift them to us with a simple tick of the historic tax credits box in the TaxGift form.

Questions about how it works? Check out the FAQs on TaxGift’s website here: then opt in and watch your donation grow.