The plan guides all our decision making on a daily and long term basis, it is an organic document that is regularly reviewed to ensure it is reflective of the needs of our children and community. There are three key drivers to the plan, these are our vision, our values and the graduate profile.

Our Vision 
At Stanley Bay we will grow confident, creative, curious learners who are connected to the community and wider world.

Our Values 
We value learners who demonstrate respect, resilience and integrity and expect to see the values modelled by all stakeholders within our learning community.

Our Graduate Profile
When students leave Stanley Bay they are:

Confident (Kaikorero)
Positive in their own identity and are reflective, resilient learners who are motivated to excel. They are confident in their abilities, which enable them to take risks and be innovators.

Connected (Nga hononga)
Effective communicators who are able to relate well to others. They are digitally literate and can effectively use a range of communication tools to participate in a wide range of life experiences, which connect them to their community, to their environment and to the world.

Creative (Auahatanga)
Able to create something from personal feelings and experiences to reflect who they are and their place in the world. They are able to express themselves openly and without judgement.

Critical Thinkers (Whaiwhakaaro)
Critical thinkers who make informed decisions. They are active seekers, users and creators of knowledge.


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