Stanley Bay School

Our Staff

At Stanley Bay, we want children to feel happy and secure to develop self confidence in a safe and supportive environment where learning is central to all that we do. We promote personal excellence and a belief that ‘those who do their best do well’.


Scott Boniface
Acting Principal
Janie Stone
Executive Officer(Office)
Rachael Hamilton
Enrolments Officer


Isabel Robertson
Room 1 | Year 0/1
Helen Stedman
Room 2 | Year 0/1
Julie Lattimer
Room 3 | Year 0
Lisa Gillgren
Room 11 | Years 1/2
Gen Thomas
Room 14 | Years 1/2
Carina Lee
Room 4 | Years 2/3
Rachel McDonnell
Room 6 | Years 3/4
Ben Offner
Room 7 | Years 4/5
Gail Moynagh
Room 8 | Year 4 Team Leader
Helen Pelham
Room 9 | Years 5/6
Rita Harvey
Room 10 | Years 5/6

Support Staff

Jill Etchells
Reading Recovery Teacher
Delwyn MacDonald
Teacher Aide
Kate Sharrock
Teacher Aide
Janine Jones
Teacher Aide
Lizzie Seth
Teacher Aide
Steve Brick