Hi everyone,

I’m Keith, you might have seen me around school.
The Knowledgeathon is all about having fun, learning new things and
working together. We also hope to raise some funds for our school by
getting sponsored.
I have come up with some questions for you to research and learn over
the next few weeks. Your teacher will help you find the answers and
you can work together with your friends.
On Quiz Day you will have chance to show how much you have
Do your best and you will be in with a chance to a Spot Prize –
including me or one of my friends! There is even a pizza lunch up for
grabs for the classes that raises the most sponsorship.

Junior (Year 0-2) Questions

Junior Sponsorship Forms

Junior Answers

Middle (Year 3-4) Questions

Middle Sponsorship Forms

Middle Answers

Senior (Year 5-6) Questions

Senior Sponsorship Forms

Senior Answers

The 2021 Knowledgeathon is brought to you by Keith the Kiwi, and generously sponsored by Linda Simmons
from Bayleys.