During their time at Stanley Bay students have many opportunities to transform their creative ideas into expressive works that communicate meaning. The arts are integrated into our curriculum in a way that explores, challenges and celebrates the unique artistic expression of each student, their community and culture.

Students learn through and about performing and visual art; this enables them to interpret ideas within creative, aesthetic and technological frameworks. We believe that encouraging creativity develops self confidence and increases the students ability to take risks. Through the arts students learn to work independently and collaboratively to create meaning and respond to and value the contribution of others.

School Production
Every second year we hold a school production to present to the community. Students are involved in all aspects of the show; acting, singing, dancing, sound and lighting, advertising etc. This is a great opportunity for students to experience the performing arts and we encourage everyone to have a go!

Students regularly participate in school singing, we aim to create a love of music and provide a fun and safe environment for students to learn new songs and express themselves through the arts.

Music Education Centre (MEC) 
The Music Education Centre (MEC) provides comprehensive music education across Auckland. Students at Stanley Bay are able to participate in small groups or one on one lessons during the school day. For more information please go to the Music Education Centre website.