2022 Delivery of Health Curriculum

December 7, 2022

Every two years the Stanley Bay School Board of Trustees consults with the school community and adopts a statement on the delivery of the health curriculum.

Via the newsbulletin in October and November, we invited parents to complete a survey. The survey asked you to state the importance  placed on a series of statements taken from the content of the New Zealand Health Curriculum. 

Based on the survey, a statement on the delivery of the health curriculum is detailed as follows; 

Parents feel that:

  • It is very important for our students to know how to keep themselves safe at home, school and within the community and be able to respond to peer pressure, having strategies to address bullying.

  • Students understand what resilience is and that integrity is being brave and doing the right thing even when no one is watching. 

  • Students show respect for others, themselves and the environment

  • Students learn the skills to communicate effectively and problem. solve.

  • It is important but not essential, to understand and use classroom and playground rules.

  • It is important but not essential, to know about nutrition and how to care for their body, and how to manage the changes that occur during puberty

We will continue to ensure that the health curriculum delivered at Stanley Bay School meets the needs of our students and their families.