Stanley Bay School is enrolled in the SunSmart Schools programme. We are proud to be working towards achieving accreditation.

We know that the greatest risk factor for around 90% of skin cancers is our exposure to UV radiation from the sun. Unfortunately NZ has the highest rate of melanoma, the most serious skin cancer. Childhood is an important time to avoid over exposure to the sun – our skin is like an elephant, it remembers all the sun we’ve ever had. At Stanley Bay we believe that teaching children SunSmart behaviours will help them develop lifelong sun safe practices.

Here are some of the things we’re doing to be SunSmart:

Stanley Bay Sun Smart Hats
From term 4 2018, we are introducing Stanley Bay SunSmart hats. In 2019, all children will be required to wear a school sun hat in Terms 1 and 4. Sunhats are available for purchase, $20, via Kindo.

SunSmart Promotion Day
Early in 2019, to encourage uptake of the new school hats we will be holding a promotion event with fun activities and incentives for the kids, run by our very own SunSmart ambassadors.

UV Lab Investigation with Kara Chameleon
In term 4, children will have the opportunity to be involved in a UV Lab investigation. By participating in the lab, students will experience a direct encounter with the nature of UV exposure rather than just thinking about it. They will work in teams and use UV dosimeters to investigate the nature of solar UV radiation and discover the best way to reduce harmful UV exposure. Joining us will be Dr Martin Allen from the University of Canterbury who developed this programme in conjunction with NIWA. We will also be working collaboratively with Takapuna Grammar Year 10 students on this investigation.

‘Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand’ – Confucius ~ 450BC

You can read more about this upcoming programme here:

Sun Protective Clothing
We encourage children to wear clothing that protects their skin from the sun (for example with sleeves and collars, and rash tops when swimming).

We promote students’ use of SPF 30+ broad-spectrum sunscreen. We endeavour to make sunscreen available to students at school outdoor activities, particularly at sports days and similar events.

Building a Sun Smart Environment
We are working towards developing and improving existing shade in areas where students gather.