Announcing our first ever Knowledge-athon

Our fundraising plans have had to change dramatically this year so to replace the Stanley Bay Stampede we are running a Knowledge-athon.  All children will take part at school and have the opportunity to learn the answers to a fun, mind-fizzing quiz which includes questions about Aotearoa and Stanley Bay School and collect sponsorship along the way. Our fundraising target for this event is $8,000

We hope that this is a great opportunity for your whole family to brush up on their general knowledge whilst raising valuable funds for the school. Warning: you may learn something new too!

Students have two weeks to find sponsors to support them on their knowledge-quest before taking the Quiz in school on 5 August.

The focus is on taking part versus results, having a go, working together as a class towards a common goal, raising funds for the school and joining in the fun. There will also be prizes including a whole-class pizza lunch (for the class which achieves the most sponsors) and spot prizes (thankyou to Kelly Club, Louise Simpson and Buona Sera amongst others). 

Quiz Questions

There are three different sets of questions depending on your child’s year group. You can download them below (along with the sponsorship form). Teachers will work with classes on their quiz questions at the start of term,  students will research and learn the answers at home and the quiz will take place in school on 5 August. 

Quiz Answers

Please click here to find all answers to the knowledge-athon questions

How Can I Sponsor My Child? 

There are two ways to sponsor your child: One-off Donation or Pledge Amount Per Correct Answer. There are also two ways for One-off Donations or Pledge Amount Per Correct Answer to be recorded: via the short online sponsorship form or via the paper form sent home with your child. 

Every sponsorship recorded via either the online sponsorship form or the paper form by 5 August will count towards the class participation prize and spot prizes.  Sponsors may be family, friends, neighbours or colleagues but we request that students do not ask teachers or fellow pupils. 

  • How to Make a One-Off Donation For Participation If sponsors want to make a one-off donation for participation all that needs to be done is a) complete the online sponsorship form or paper form b) donate the amount to: Stanley Bay School FOSB 12 – 3015 – 0823900-02
  • How to Pledge an Amount Per Correct Answer If sponsors want to pledge an amount per correct answer all that needs to be done is a) complete the online sponsorship form or paper form b) receive your child’s quiz results on 5 August following the completion of the quiz c) donate the total amount to: Stanley Bay School FOSB 12 – 3015 – 0823900 – 02

Paying Sponsorship

After the quiz is completed we kindly request that families pay all sponsorship by Friday 14 August into the account detailed above. Completed paper sponsorship forms will be returned to each pupil after the quiz to help facilitate collection. 


Key Dates

  • 21 July Your child will receive a Knowledge-athon pack: their questions and a paper sponsorship form. Start learning!
  • 21 July4 August Encourage friends, family, work colleagues or neighbours to become a Knowledge-athon sponsor. Record sponsorship via the online or paper sponsorship form. Drop completed paper sponsorship forms to the school.  
  • 4 August Sponsorship deadline. Any completed paper sponsorship forms must be dropped to the school by this date. 
  • 5 August Knowledge-athon quiz day at school! Your child will return home with their results and any paper sponsorship forms they have submitted. 
  • 14 August Special Assembly to award prizes followed by an afternoon tea kindly sponsored by Linda Simmons. 
  • 5 – 14 August Any outstanding sponsorship funds to be deposited to: Stanley Bay School FOSB 12 – 3015 – 0823900 – 02


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