Our goal is to protect every student from online harm while still allowing them to take advantage of the incredible possibilities the internet has opened up. That’s why we’ve partnered with Family Zone, New Zealand’s leading provider of cyber safety and digital-awareness tools and services.

Family Zone helps keep kids safe online when they access the internet through the school’s network. They can also keep your kids safe when accessing the internet through unsafe networks, such as mobile phone networks and your home WiFi.

We need your participation to keep our children safe on every device, everywhere.

Family Zone Insights is available to all families at the school. Insights is not a parental control. It provides no filtering or blocking of content outside of school time. It simply monitors and reports on device activity and delivers weekly snapshots of kids’ device usage, straight into Mum and Dad’s inbox.

To read instructions and information on Family Zone please click here.

If you would like to set up a Family Zone Insights account click here to sign up https://www.familyzone.com/stanleybay-nz