At Stanley Bay we recognise that every child is unique and learns in different ways. We provide personalised learning programmes which allow students to take control of their learning.  

Personalised learning means that every child;

  • Understands what they are learning and why
  • Takes ownership and drives their own learning
  • Co-constructs the curriculum and their learning environment

We believe that every student deserves the best opportunities to succeed both academically and socially. By offering a concept based curriculum students learn how to learn through contexts that are highly engaging, relevant and authentic. We recognise that literacy and numeracy skills are the foundation of all learning and are central to all teaching programmes.

Stanley Bay School is an exciting place to learn, we have a long history of high academic achievement and take pride that students leave our school with a sense of curiosity, wonder, drive and passion for learning.

Integrated Curriculum

At Stanley Bay we believe that the best learning takes place when students are able to make authentic connections in their learning. Where possible the STEAM subjects of Technology, Maths, science and the arts are built into classroom programmes and used to enhance learning in other subject areas.

Inquiry Based Learning

Our curriculum is based on an inquiry model, where students are encouraged to ask questions, discover and create. Most classes will run an inquiry with a different focus each term and the key ideas in the inquiry will be connected to the literacy and maths programmes where appropriate.

Graduate and Learner Profile

A key part of learning at Stanley Bay is around the development of skills and dispositions. We have 4 characteristics that we aim our year 6s to display when they leave us and they are called our graduate profile. We hope that when students leave Stanley Bay they are:



Critical thinkers


To help students progress towards the graduate profile we encourage students to show these dispositions day to day in class. These dispositions are listed as our learner profile:



Risk Taker