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Room 4 has a blog!!
Log in and read the posts then make a comment telling the author what you liked and why. What makes it a good piece of writing?
Can you get a piece of your writing on the blog?

This Weeks Notices:

Well done to Room 4 - Mathletics champions for the middles Week 4. 
                                        - Mathletics champions for the middles Week 6.

A big congratulations to Benjamin who was first in New Zealand and fourth in the world for Mathletics on 26/2/14. 

Swimming from now on will be subject to weather.
Wednesday: Swimming 
Thursday: Swimming
Friday: Swimming
Saturday: Garage Sale and Fair

What have we been doing?

A big welcome to everyone in Room 4 this year. We have begun our year by looking at our class environment and creating a class treaty so that it is a fun and safe place to do our learning.  We have been looking at Georges Seurat's art and discussing his technique of pointillism. We have even had a go at this method of painting. Come in and have a look at our portraits completed using pointillism.

During week 3 we have been learning to whisper and shout with our pencils and going on treasure hunts. We have learnt to greet people using Te Reo and will begin working on our mihis.

During week 4 we will be continuing to learn about recounts and have linked our writing to Wind in the Willows. Mole and Rat use a boat to cross the river. Today Room 4 made a bridge that would allow Mole and others to visit Rat without him having to take them across in his boat. We will write about what we did to make our bridge and whether or not it would meet the criteria set.  The bridges   will be in the classroom if you would like to come and see them.

During week 5 we discovered that Miss Purple Pixie was missing so we discussed how we could let people know that she was missing and what she looks like.  We have been creating a description of Miss Purple Pixie to use in a poster or in the newspaper. We will publish these during week 6 and post some on the literacy page. Check back next week to see what we have created.

Our trip to the leisure centre went really well. We had fabulous weather and lots of great parent help. The children worked well as a team to complete tasks such as orienteering, bivvie building and chariot making. The children have written recounts of their day and some will be published on our literacy page.

We have started our World War One topic as it is the 100 year anniversary of the start of the war this year. Today we thought about what we would like to know about the topic and have put some questions on the Room 4 learning star.

If you have any questions / comments / concerns please make a time to come and talk.Thanks for your support.

Maria Adam

Room 4 Blog