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The children will bring home a reader four nights a week and on Friday they will have their poetry homework to share and enjoy.

Their Magic Words folder will come home every night.  Please read some words each night.  Once your child is confident reading the words, encourage them to try writing them.  

Helping with Reading at Home

  • Do talk about the title and the pictures before your child reads the book.
  • Do wait a few seconds if your child makes a mistake.  Sometimes your child will fix the mistake.
  • Do praise your child for attempting tricky words.
  • Do wait a few seconds if your child doesn't know a word.  Sometimes your child will work it out.
  • Do help your child to work out an unknown word by looking at the first letter of the word and helping your child make the first sound.
  • Do talk about what word would make sense.
  • Do remind your child to use the pictures to help work out the meaning.
  • Do tell your child the word if they are still stuck.
  • Do be patient when your child reads.
  • Do make reading a special time-something to be enjoyed.
  • Don't cover the pictures.
  • Don't growl at your child if he/she doesn't know a word.