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Room 2 - Homework Page

Homework will consist of regular reading. Your child will be bringing home new reading books at least twice a week. Please encourage your child to read their picture books at home as well, especially if they haven't received a book. Books they bring home are not supposed to be too challenging, it will be a book they have read in class. If your child is finding a book difficult, please see me.

Basic facts games will be coming home later in the term.

Please play the game with your child and practice the following number knowledge; 

-recognising the numbers to 100

-being able to say what comes before and what comes after each number in the 0-100 range ( a challenge could be two before/two after)

-counting forwards or backwards in ones from any given number in the 0-100 range, for example 89, 88, 87, 86 etc ( a challenge could be skip counting in twos, fives or tens)

Future games will be based on the basic facts your child is required to know by heart. These games will include doubles and halves, addition and subtraction facts to 10, 20 and beyond. The children will be working towards instantly recalling these basic facts.

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