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For the first part of this term we will be looking at responsibilities and creating a safe and happy classroom. this will include looking at friendships, making choices and working as a team. We will be taking part in activities at the Birkenhead Leisure Centre to allow our students to put their learning into practice.

You are welcome to look at our Friendships page to see what we have been learning about.

This year our overarching inquiry theme is The Environment.

Towards the end of the term we will be looking WW1 and how the conflict was instigated and resolved, as well as the impact of war on peoples lives. This is to tie in with the 100 year anniversary of the start of WW1. We will be visiting the War Museum to consolidate our learning towards the end of Term 1.

Check back later to find out some of the exciting things we have discovered.
simple machines games
properties of materials
changing materials
solids and liquids
changing state
reversible and irreversible changes